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Management Myth

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The Management Myth

Most of management theory is inane, writes our correspondent, the founder of a consulting firm. If you want to succeed in business, don’t get an M.B.A. Study philosophy instead
By Matthew Stewart

During the seven years that I worked as a management consultant, I spent a lot of time trying to look older than I was. I became pretty good at furrowing my brow and putting on somber expressions. Those who saw through my disguise assumed I made up for my youth with a fabulous education in management. They were wrong about that. I don’t have an M.B.A. I have a doctoral degree in philosophy—nineteenth-century German philosophy, to be precise. Before I took a job telling managers of large corporations things that they arguably should have known already, my work experience was limited to part-time gigs tutoring surly undergraduates in the ways of Hegel and Nietzsche and to a handful of summer jobs, mostly in the less appetizing ends of the fast-food industry.

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From ‘the Atlantic’ How Genius Works

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painter Chuck Close
writer T.C. Boyle
director Jennifer Yuh Nelson
musician Paul Simon
playwright and set designer team Sarah Ruhl and Scott Bradley
director Tim Burton
auto designer J Mays
architect Frank Gehry
graphic designer Michael Bierut
chef Grant Achatz
fashion designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy
musician Lupe Fiasco
graphic novelist Ben Katchor
architects Bonnie Fisher and Boris Dramov

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Government Grant info (incl. links)

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Find government grants and assistance for individuals, businesses and communities

The GrantsLINK directory has information about federal, state and local government funding programs that can help you:

  • develop solutions to local and national problems
  • fund ideas and initiatives
  • get assistance in times of hardship.

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Quick notes (framework and research)

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Documents/assets to develop;
1. Light Business Plan (7 pages),
2. Information Memorandum.
3. Comprehensive Business Plan (45 pages).
4. Comprehensive Revenue Model.
5. Supporting Legislation (for business and infrastructure).
6. Net Benefit Paper.
7. Graphics.

Items to research;
1. Govt. subsidies for non-prof in the green space.
2. Govt. subsidies for carbon neg/neutrality.
3. Startup funds, including grants.
4. Car usage in Sydney.
5. Advertising agencies who might be interested in partnering (worth getting them onboard rather than trying to do it all from scratch).

The Vision

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Our vision (and by our, I mean me, most things start with one person after all, and that’s where we/I am) is to deliver high quality, zero emission, free public transport on a large scale.

The plan is to achieve this through a collaboration of Private and Public funds, and by leveraging various tax benefits and government incentives and programs.  Globeus seeks to take cars off the road by delivering free, quality alternatives to commuters.

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