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The Vision

Our vision (and by our, I mean me, most things start with one person after all, and that’s where we/I am) is to deliver high quality, zero emission, free public transport on a large scale.

The plan is to achieve this through a collaboration of Private and Public funds, and by leveraging various tax benefits and government incentives and programs.  Globeus seeks to take cars off the road by delivering free, quality alternatives to commuters.

Globeus is a non-profit organisation, which aims to be carbon neutral in its total operation, and carbon negative by way of reducing traffic (replacing cars with non-polluting buses).  This environmentally beneficial practice will require a large scale utilization of advanced technologies, which I expect will be both expensive and potentially problematic.  I take that on as part of the price to pay for what we will be delivering.

More than anything, Globeus seeks to leverage any and all viable means and strategies to achieve this outcome, including but not limited to commerce and industry, political lobbying, affiliations and partnerships.  We’ll be smart about everything we can be smart about, and just practical with everything else.

We (I) expect some resistance, some skepticism and the usual challenges faced by change agents.  The goal is to make things better for everyone.  It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is, and after all, wouldn’t it be cool to be the guy who found a way to, and actually DELIVERED, free public transport to the world?

Team Globeus.

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