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Starting small (info gathering)

I visited AppSumo.com recently, and was confronted with the idea that having a ‘grand plan’ is a recepie for failure, and that I would not be likely to do anything, or take too much time/risk capital.  Apparently this is a key characteristic of a ‘Wantrepreneur.’ Instead, they suggest to start small.

Then, as if by magic, I was drinking beer with a friend (this almost never happens), and I shared the Globeus concept with him.  He saw merit in it and, suggested I look at chartering a bus to start with, (I am doing a cost analysis on this first) rather than having to capitalize the company up front by buying or hiring/leasing buses to begin.  I have made some enquiries already, to gage the viability of this ‘one small step’ strategy.

So far today, I have;

– Asked for advertising costs (present) from the media company who posts ads on the outsides and on (limited, small panels) inside of +150 buses throughout Sydney.  Waiting for indicative pricing to come back.  This should give an indication of what companies are presently investing in a similar (one would argue less effective) advertising method. Waiting.

– Asked for charter costs for a single or two buses from the Hills to CBD, once, or for a week.  Waiting.

– Gather ticket costs and travel times from a friend and commuter who rides the Hills to CBD bus (which also stops at Nth Sydney on the way through) every morning and night Mon-Fri:

Travel time is about an hour during peak. Cost is $4.50 for a single ticket, or pre-buy 10 trips (a week’s worth) for $36.

Standard bus capacity is 58 people (43 seated and 15 standing).  Likely to only look to accommodate a seated number of passengers.

I have also made an enquiry of a software and web guy I know, around the passenger data part of the dynamic (setting up a site and the logistics) just trying to flesh out as much of this as possible and get a view of the costs associated.

Keep you posted.

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  1. Stephen West
    February 17, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    Sign me up Scotty

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